press kit

Publicity and marketing are an essential part of building a company’s image, a new product brand, or a rising star. For years, marketers have used paper press kits for this purpose, but we at Phuket Media Company offer you the latest and most revolutionary form of this advertising stint: digital press kits.

With a digital press kit, We guarantee:

  • Maximum Outreach – millions of internet users hitting the web daily, you can rest assured that your marketing message will reach hundreds, if not thousands, of users daily.
  • Constant Exposure –Unlike paper-based press kits, electronic kits are available 99.9% of the time all year round. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about potential and existing clientele missing out on what you have to offer.
  • Cost Efficiency –Electronic press kits are very cost-effective. Not only are they less expensive than other promotional tools, but they also help you save on resources such as air time and paper. Besides, with the numerous advantages they offer, you can rest assured that you’re investing wisely.
  • Protecting the Environment – As a business or a celebrity, you can win hearts by showing how much you care for the environment. Choosing a digital kit is greener as it uses fewer resources and energy.

Our specialists at Phuket Media Company will work with you to create a kit designed to your specifications. You can choose to represent your goals and aims via interactive multimedia interfaces, photos, and product portfolios. In addition, with their extensive list of contacts, our press kit experts will collect quotes and reviews, credits, and digital video interviews and performances to highlight your achievements and role in the society.

If you’re tempted by what we have in store or want more information on Phuket Media Company, give us a call or connect to us via our Contact Us pag