We at Phuket Media Company believe ourselves to be the best in promoting your company, brand, products and services. In addition to bringing you an extensive e-mail database with over 10,000 contacts, we offer you access to our network of websites, their resources, and services.

First in the chain is Phuket Media Company, a website dedicated to offering you the best and latest in marketing techniques. With Phuket Media Company, you can establish your online presence through a custom-made website and then promote yourself through methods such as social media marketing and organic SEO. We also bring you on-ground promotions via flyers, posters, and mobile vehicles. Therefore, your promotional messages will never be missed.

Next is Phuket Event Company, a website set by event management gurus with over 20 years of experience. With these experts’ help, local and international companies have successfully pulled off parties, gala dinners, and meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE). With their experience and extensive list of contacts, you will be able to network with future associates, generate sales leads, and divert some of their traffic to your website.

Third on the list is Phuket Private Party, a website designed to enforce Phuket Event Company by handling theme parties and informal events. Our party specialists are experts in bringing your event a dash of Phuket’s innovative and sophisticated nightlife. They are also quite experienced with club culture and DJ music, which is why they are constantly called on to host parties, festivals and celebrations featuring the hottest international DJs.As a popular party and event managers’ website, Phuket Private Party receives a generous amount of hits. In addition, as it reaches out to a different type of audience, you won’t be limited to formal business contacts alone.

Also in our network is Now Phuket, a website created to introduce Phuket and its tourist offerings to the world. Through Now Phuket, visitors to the Thai island can learn about its famous sights, best hotels, busiest nightclubs, activitiesand much more. So, whether you’re vacationing on Phuket or heading there for a business-related event, you will know exactly where to goand what to doon the island.

Through this network of websites, we at Phuket Media Company have a daily quota of a few thousand hits. Therefore, you can rest assured that your company, its products, and services will get their share of the spotlight. So, give us a call or connect to us via our Contact Us page for more information or a quote.